Many people believe that their heating and cooling system is already cleaning the air. But the fact is, your system might be making the problem worse, not better. That’s because most system are equipped with a standard 1″ air filter, which is designed primarily to keep debris like pet hair and feathers from damaging the equipment. They are not designed to clean the air. So whenever you system is on, it churns up allergens and circulates them throughout your home.

Carrier Infinity Series

The award-winning Infinity air purifier works silently in-line with your HVAC system to make the air you breathe healthier. It uses Captures and Kills™ technology to trap up to 95% of pathogens down to .30 micron in size, then uses an electrical charge to kill or inactive them.

Benefits of Carrier Infinity Series Air Purifier:

  • Whole home air purification system

  • Long-life MERV 15 filter

  • Can be placed in line with nearly any ductwork system

  • Easy to replace, long-lasting filters

  • Performance has been verified

Carrier Performance Series

The Performance air purifier can help you answer concerns about your indoor air quality. Proven effective against 3 common pathogens including the common cold, it works silently in-line with your HVAC system, taking out up to 75% of organisms as small as .30 micron with every wave of air that passes through it.

Benefits of Carrier Performance Series Air Purifier:

  • Long-life MERV 13 filter

  • Kills or inactivates up to 96% of germs, pollen and bacteria

  • Proven effective against, human influenza, the common cold and Streptococcus Aureus

  • Whole home air purification system

  • Easy-to-replace air filters

  • Patented Captures and Kills™ technology

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