With winter fast approaching, many homes have started turning up the heat. As you complete your regular furnace care, you may notice new odd sounds or signs of rust. Finding heating system issues early can save your furnace from a premature replacement. Lengthening your heating system’s lifespan requires regular professional service and home care. Here’s what you need to know about maximizing your furnace’s usefulness.

Improving Your Furnace’s Average Lifespan

The general lifespan of a furnace is between 15 to 20 years. Gas furnaces often have the shortest lifespans while oil-based systems last the longest. This projected lifespan can vary greatly based on average use and maintenance over the years. Unfortunately, using a furnace more regularly does wear it down faster. Understanding the many factors that impact your heating system’s lifespan can help you make better HVAC decisions.

Correct Furnace Size

You need a furnace that fits your home’s heating requirements. While it may seem practical to invest in a larger system, you’ll actually end up paying outrageous energy bills. These systems may heat your home faster, but they use a lot of energy every heating cycle. Shorter cycles increase the wear and tear on the system, leading to more frequent repairs.

A system that’s too small will stay on for much longer as it struggles to heat your large home. Undersized furnaces face massive strain that causes them to break after only a few short years. You never have to worry about an improperly sized furnace when you rely on a specialist. Experienced technicians know how to correctly replace your heating system with a new and improved model.

Routine Expert Service

Never underestimate the value of professional heating maintenance and repairs. A technician should check your furnace at least once a year. Small issues can go unnoticed for months if not years without skillful care. By the time the problem is noticed and identified, you may be faced with hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

Annual maintenance is an effective way to ensure your furnace will be able to handle the coming winter. Your local HVAC company will check for any loose bolts, damaged belts or compromised components. They’re also trained to find the warning signs for rust and corrosion. Catching these issues when they start gives you the chance to correct them before they spread and worsen.

Frequent Filter Changes

Keep a careful eye on your filter use during the winter. Many programmable thermostats can track how long a filter has been in place. A clogged filter will lower how much air is getting into the system, making it harder for your furnace to produce heat. Dirty filters also allow debris to make its way into the system. Accumulated contaminants can increase the rate of wear and tear and lead to additional issues in the ductwork.

Fiberglass filters often have to be changed every month. These are one of the most affordable options on the market, but they aren’t very effective at capturing particulates. The more practical pleated filters usually need to be switched out every 90 days at most.

Minimizing Use

Along with relying on expert care, you should also do your part to minimize premature system aging. Set your thermostat below 80 degrees during the winter to lower unnecessary strain. The higher you set your temperature, the longer your furnace will have to run to reach it. A furnace should cycle a few times an hour for about 10 to 15 minutes each time. This can vary based on outdoor temperatures and your system’s efficiency.

Putting your preferred temperature extremely high will keep your furnace running for upwards of 30 minutes at a time. Changing your settings by just a few degrees can benefit your system and lower your monthly costs.

Traditional Heating and Air Service

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